Oral Histories
Baldwins, A Family Business

Baldwins, A Family Business

Our final interview comes from the current manager of Baldwins, Steve Dagnell. Steve recalls growing up with the shop, working there with his father and how the business has changed over the years. A fascinating listen! Thank you Steve and interviewer Irene Payne for this great interview. And thank you to everyone who has taken...
Cynthia Smith's Jamaican Remedies

Cynthia Smith’s Jamaican Remedies

In our penultimate interview the wonderful Cynthia Smith shares her memories of the Jamaican herbs and remedies of her childhood. Thank you Cynthia and interviewer Michael Holland for this interview.
Anne Critchley and Bach Flower Remedies

Anne Critchley and Bach Flower Remedies

In this short and sweet interview Anne Critchley talks about her use of Bach flower remedies. To hear about Anne’s memories of Baldwins, click here. Thank you to Anne and interviewer Bibi Saffina Zafar for this lovely listen.
Lorna Lucas' Memories

Lorna Lucas’ Memories

In these two new oral histories Lorna Lucas recalls her time growing up in Jamaica and the “bush” remedies which she used there…. and later discovered again in Baldwin’s! Bush Remedies Discovering Baldwins Thank you to Lorna and interviewer Andrea Sinclair for this lovely listen!
Jane Castro on working for Baldwin's

Jane Castro on working for Baldwin’s

Jane Castro has worked for Baldwin’s for the past 33 years. In this interview she shares some of her memories of the shop and how it has changed (and stayed the same!) over the years. Thank you to Jane and interviewer Andrea Sinclair for this great interview.
Pearl Burton's Memories

Pearl Burton’s Memories

Pearl Burton looks back over her use of ‘bush’ remedies in Jamaica and how she found them in Baldwin’s. Thank you to Pearl and interviewer Julia Honess for a great listen!
Tony Taitte Interview

Tony Taitte Interview

Tony Taitte shares his memories of Baldwins and knowledge of herbal remedies in another great interview! Thank you Tony and interviewer Sandra Hesketh for a lovely interview.
Rose Stowe's Memories of Baldwins

Rose Stowe’s Memories of Baldwins

Our next oral history comes from the wonderful Rose Stowe who shares her memories of visiting Baldwins through the years. Thank you to Rose and interviewer Ian Adams for another great listen!
Walworth Academy

Walworth Academy

Students from Walworth Academy share their thoughts on herbal remedies, Baldwins and their art project with The Roots in this series of interviews. A lovely collection of views and voices! Thank you to all the students from Walworth who have been involved in The Roots. Find out more about their contributions here and here.
Brian Frampton's Memories

Brian Frampton’s Memories

We have another oral history to share with you as Brian Frampton recalls growing up in Walworth in the 50s (and his memories of Baldwins too, of course!). A great listen. Thank you to Brian Frampton and interviewer Kitty Corish for a lovely interview.
Anne Critchley's Memories of Baldwins

Anne Critchley’s Memories of Baldwins

Local resident Anne Critchley shares her memories of Baldwins and how it has changed over the years in this new oral history. Thank you to Anne Critchley and interviewer Bibi Saffina Zafar for a great interview.
Eunice Edwards Interview

Eunice Edwards Interview

We have another oral history of Elephant and Castle and Baldwins to share with you. This one comes from Eunice Edwards who takes us back to her time growing up in Peacock Street and her visits to Baldwins as a child. Thank you for sharing your memories Eunice!

The Roots was a Southwark Pensioners Centre project, run in partnership with Julia Honess and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, about the story of Walworth Road-based G. Baldwin and Co. Working with volunteers from the local community, the project tells the story of Walworth Road based G. Baldwin & Co, one of the oldest and most established herbalists in London, and the many customers who have frequented the shop over its long history.

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